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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Eclipse plugin for PhoneGap for Android available TODAY

Eclipse plugin for PhoneGap for Android available TODAY

Check out Announcements for the latest release and news

I'd like to let you know that the 1.0 release of the Eclipse plugin for PhoneGap for Android is available today.

You can install it into the 0.9.9 Eclipse ADT by pointing Eclipse's Install New Software to
http://www.mobiledevelopersolutions.com/home/download/pluginfilecabinet  More getting started information at http://www.mobiledevelopersolutions.com/home/start

This plugin allows you do all of your Android PhoneGap development within the Eclipse IDE.  After downloading and installing phonegap,
Eclipse is all you need - no need for droidgap, path manipulation or any other command line tools.

The plugin incorporates Eclipse JSDT's powerful development capabilities including its validator, which facilitates error detection while editing instead of deployment.

It also makes hybrid Java/JavaScript development easy, for when you have to tweak the Android Java code.

The future roadmap includes JavaScript debugging, source control integration, and improved workflow.  Let me know your ideas or participate in the open source development at http://github.com/paulb777/Eclipse-Plugin-for-Phonegap

Thanks to the Eclipse Foundation's Tools for Mobile Web (TMW) and Android's ADT open source projects which greatly facilitated the development.

I'm eager to hear any feedback and comments, either here or at the Eclipse for PhoneGap Google Group.