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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Setting the PATH and CLASSPATH on Windows

For VERSION 1.5.0_02 of Java (new version)

 1.      Click on START (lower left)

2.      Under "Settings" click on "Control Panel"

3.      Switch to "classic view" (upper left) -- not "category view"

4.      Click on the "System" icon.

5.      Click on the "Advanced" tab.

6.      Click on the "Environment Variables" button (bottom).

7.      Highlight "PATH" (in the top window) and click the "edit" button.

NOTE:  DON'T EDIT OR MODIFY AND OF THE "SYSTEM VARIABLES" -- you could render your entire computer unusable! --

8.      Edit the "PATH" so it begins C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_02\bin; (note: if you install Java into a different directory, you may need to change the directory from that listed above)

9.  After you have finished editing the PATH, click "OK".  You are done setting your PATH.  Now you have to create a new variable, called your CLASSPATH.

10.  Click on the "NEW" button below the top window.

11.  Under 'variable name' type CLASSPATH

12.  Under 'variable value' type . (yes, type a single period).

13.  Click OK.

14.  EXIT the control panel.

15.  Restart your computer.

16.  Test your installation by opening up a DOS window and verifying that both the commands "java" and "javac" are recognized.