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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Android Install in Eclipse

Step1: download the eclipse from the following link
                                eclipse download
Step2: unZip the elipse and install the following plugin in the eclipse
            ADT- https://dl-ssl.google.com/andr

Step3:  download the android sdk from following link
             android sdk download
Step4: unzip the sdk folder and configure that in the eclipse

           4.1: In eclipse open window--->preferences--->android--->SDKLocation  to configure the                 unziped folder. and --->ok.

Step5: update the sdk tools. 

            5.1:In eclipse open window--->Android SDK Manager-->
            5.2: check the tools and click the install.

Step6: Install the which version you want select that version Sdk platform  and install.

Step7: Configure the emulator.

           7.1:n eclipse open window--->AVD Manager -->

           7.2:  Select new button to open new window
           7.3: give name,select the Target version.
           7.4:  click Create AVD button.
            then select the created AVD and click Start button.
            7.5: click Launch button.