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Monday, 15 April 2013

How many ways to create object in java?

How many ways to create object in java?

There are different ways to create object in java as follows:--

1. Using new keyword
we can create the instance normally using new operator which is called as static instance creation.
Hello hello =  new Hello();

2.using Class.forName()
we can create the instance dynamically without using new operator as follow
Hello hello=(Hello)Class.forName("com.bikash.Hello").newInstance();
Class cls = Class.forName("com.bikash.Hello");
Hello hello = (Hello)cls.newInstance();

3.using clone().
clone() method can be used to copy of the existing object.
Hello hello=new Hello();
Hello hello1=(Hello)hello.clone();

4.using object deserialization.
deserializion is the process of creating the new object on the remote mechine from its serialize form.
ObjectInputStream ois =new ObjectInputStream();
Hello hello = (Hello)ois.readObject();